The purchase of a glass beveller and cutting table was carried out with co-financing from the European Rszyby Regional Development Fund.

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Glass doors

Check out our range of glass doors. We recommend you various doors depending on the type of glass.

Select doors: Transparent | Satin | Ornamental | With screen printing
| Engraved | Mirastar - mirror effect.

In our offer you will find glass doors for residential interiors and office space. These are transparent glass, dyed and decorated by engraving or sandblasting.

In our collection you will also find glass doors, whose appearance has been enhanced with an engraved matt or polished theme (Float glass, SGG Parsol and SGG Satinovo Mate) or by applying a painted pattern by screen printing (Float glass and SGG Parsol). Depending on preference, screen print or engraving patterns can be applied in one of the four available colors for transparent or frosted glass.

All dimensions of glass doors are subject to standardization of dimensions acc. to PN, which allows you to mount glass doors in all door frames made in this standard.


Of course, our range of glass doors comes complete with modern fittings, which will also fit your liking. These are modern steel components that are give full functionality to products made of glass, so we offer different kinds of:
- door handles, knobs,
- cylinder locks, key-locks, bathroom locks,
- different types of hinges, door closers,
- sliding systems.

Select doors: Transparent | Satin | Ornamental | Screen print
| Engraved | Mirastar - mirror effect.




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