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SALE OF NOZZLES - General information

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The multi-business company KONARSKI is a sales representative of the German company Franz Klein GmbH.

Since 1949, the company Klein has been specializing in designing blasting systems. Decades of experience combined with qualified personnel have allowed the company to become an expert in the field.
For over 50 years now, Klein has been manufacturing nozzles with the use of boron carbide with a density greater than 2.50g/cm2. Through further research and control of the market, Klein's "program nozzle" is constantly improved, so that we can offer you the highest quality product and technology.

Boron carbide is one of the hardest technical materials (it is used e.g. for processing diamonds). Thanks to these advantages, it is the ideal material for the production of nozzles without the use of adhesives.

In the TETRABOR® nozzles, components are the most resistant to abrasion; thanks to this, using the hardest abrasives (aluminum oxide, silicon carbide) does not cause excessive wear of the nozzle, which allows for long-term use.

The cost of using TETRABOR® nozzles compared with the nozzles made of other materials is several times lower. Therefore, boron carbide nozzles are the most appropriate given the high requirements of sandblasting equipment and abrasion techniques.

Advantages of TETRABOR® nozzles with boron carbide:
• stable operating conditions and constant performance of abrasive stream
• long life of the nozzles even with the hardest abrasives
• less demand for air
• reducing downtime in blasting equipment due to rare replacement of TETRABOR® nozzles - blasting agent

TETRABOR® nozzles - blasting agent
Blasting agent Grain size [mm] Working pressure [bar] Operating time [h]
Steel balls
0,3-0,7 6 1.500-2.500
Quartz sand
0,5-1,5 6 1.000-2500
Corundum (AI203)
<1,0 4 300-500
Silicon carbide (SiC)
<1,0 4 100-150

The success of Klein's "nozzle program" is not only linked with the selection of suitable material, but is connected with years of experience and research in the production of nozzles for abrasive blasting to a wide variety of applications.

Next to cylinder-shaped nozzles, Klein also offers Laval-Venturi shaped TETRABOR® nozzles. In contrast to the typical conventional nozzle, the channel tapers from the inlet to the center, then re-expand towards the nozzle's outlet.

With this solution, the velocity of the abrasive is two times higher than in the nozzles with a cylindrical channel, which entails an increase in blasting performance by 40%. Using Laval-Venturi shaped TETRABOR® nozzles reduces abrasive consumption, energy consumption and processing time.

Franz Klein GmbH, whose representative we are, is able to make any nozzle for abrasive blasting, in any shape and size, according to individual orders.

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